The DECLARE construct is a crucial part of the structure control in PHP. The DECLARE construct is used to set the execution directives of script codes; directives set the behavior of a declare block.

There are two types directives recognized by PHP DECLARE: ticks and encoding.

Syntax for DECLARE construct

    declare (statement);

Tick directive

Basic example with a DECLARE construct

    declare(ticks=1); // valid statement
    const TICK_VALUE = 1; //invalid statement

A tick is an event that occurs number of specified low-level tick able statements executed by the parser within the declare block. The occurred events are specified by register_tick_function().

Example of a DECLARE construct with TICK directive set

Encoding directive

By using the encoding directives, a script’s encoding is specified for each script. 

Basic example of a DECLARE construct with ENCODING directive set

    // code here....


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