Document Type Declarations

STRICT Note: Default DTD for HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 with strict XHTML rules applied and no deprecated elements and tags.

HTML Elements in alphabetic order

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HTML Elements by function


HTML Attributes in alphabetic order

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HTML 4.01 Events attributes


Character sets

The usage of character sets in HTML is intended to help internationalize the Internet and to ensure that WWW formats and protocols are usable worldwide. The standard that works with the subject of...

Language codes

The list below presents the list of all language codes sorted alphabetically by the language name.

Character references and HTML entities

Each character can be referenced as a coded number (from ASCII, Unicode...) visualized through a decimal or hexadecimal number. To help utilize some of the most commonly used symbols and punctuatio...

HTTP status and error messages

In communication between browsers and servers there are some messages that might be returned from the server depending if the request was successful or not. They are part of the HyperText Transfer...