About BrenkoWeb.com


Who are we?

Brenkoweb.com is a website dedicated to help web amateurs and professionals learn something new or improve their already existing knowledge about the many web related developing and programming tools and information.

About the site?

The site is imagined to be a never ending supplier of web and Internet related useful information and data, and offer them to our wide array of visitors, whether they are real web connoisseurs such as professional web developers, designers and webmasters, or just folks willing to learn something about the fascinating world of web following nothing more but their own curiosity.


BrenkoWeb is built around variety of modules that are, each in its own term, offering something different but yet common to the main goal of the website, which is: improving the skills of our valuable visitors. The modules consist of web and development related articles, easy-to-use programming tutorials with popular “do-it-yourself” editors, marketplace for developers and programmers that offers or will offer scripts, templates, tools and resources, and finally a directory where other Internet related professionals and companies get to list their sites for promotion.


BrenkoWeb environment include a special advertisement engine that allows members to advertise directly through us. No hassle, no third parties! Simply log in to your account, choose the banner and payment options that suit best your needs, and publish it. After a quick approval process, your ad will be on our website.


Our headquarters are based of Louisville, KY, U.S.A. We encourage our visitors and members to contact us anytime they feel they should be heard, whether it’s a suggestion, a correction of our words and topics, or a regular inquiry. Please to reach us out use our online form or by e-mailing us using the address brenko.web@gmail.com.