JavaScript references - keywords and reserved words

ECMA-262 describes a set of keywords that might not be used as user-defined

JavaScript references - data types

In ECMAScript there are five simple

JavaScript references - operator types

The list of JavaScript operator types ...

JavaScript references - conditional statements

The list of JavaScript conditional statements ...

JavaScript references - reference types

The list of JavaScript reference types ...

JavaScript references - arrays (Array())

Arrays can be created in following ways: Constructor: var colors = new Array(); // array var colors = new Array(&qu...

JavaScript references - functions (function() {})

The functions are

JavaScript references - regular expressions (RegExp)

Regular expressions are used for searching or extracting wanted character(s) in a pattern and from a given expression. The syntax example is: var expression = /pattern/modifiers;

JavaScript references - date and time conversion methods (Date())

Date instance is initiated with the Date() constructor: var myDate =...

JavaScript references - primitive wrappers (Boolean(), Number(), String())

The primitive or special reference types in JS are created to ease up the operations with primitive values, such as the Boolean type, the Number type and...