The Boolean data type in PHP

A Boolean state is a state that has two values either high or low which means it contains 1 or 0. In programming, they are known as TRUE or FALSE....

The integer data type in PHP

An integer is a rational number without a decimal point. It can be a negative or positive number. Integers can specify in:

The floating-point data type or floats in PHP

Floating point numbers are often known as floats. They are numbers or a combination of numbers with a decimal point in it. An example of a floating point w...

The string data type in PHP

A string is a series of characters and in PHP it is represented same or similar as in other languages, that is, a string is represented inside a quotation

The array data type in PHP

Generally speaking, an array is a type of a matrix that stores multiple values in one variable. The PHP can generate one or multidimensional arrays....

The object data type in PHP

An object is a data type that stores other data, information and functions. An object is created by declaring a

The NULL data type in PHP

As it sounds, the data type which has not been assigned a value is defined as a NULL value . Any variable is considered to be a NULL if: I...