The autofocus attribute

The autofocus attribute specifies which form’s element (i.e. <input />)  should automatically get focus when the page is loaded.  Th...

The autocomplete attribute

The autocomplete attribute specifies which element, <form> or <input>, should have autocomplete option enabled. If the autocomple...

The form attribute

By default, an element appearing within a <form> element is associated with that form and will thus be t...

The formaction attribute

Though the primary method of specifying a form element’s submission URL is via its

The formenctype attribute

The formenctype attribute of a submit button indicates how the form’s data should be encoded for transmission as part of the request payload, and is only valid with a

The formmethod attribute

Just as with a form element’s method attribute,

The formnovalidate attribute

The formnovalidate attribute is identical in behavior to the form element’s

The novalidate attribute

The novalidate attribute is assigned directly to form element and it will (unl...

The formtarget attribute

When an HTML page contains multiple frames, as opposed to the single default frame, the fo...

The width and height attributes in HTML5 forms

The width and height attributes can be applied to any of the following HTML elements: Elements: