Data types and the typeof operator

In ECMAScript there are five simple data types (also called primitive types) and one complex datatype. The simple data types are:

The undefined data type

The undefined type is generally assigned to those variables that are declared but not ye...

The null data type in JavaScript

The null type is an empty object pointer and therefore the typeof

The Boolean data type in JavaScript

The Boolean type may have two literal values, true or false. These values are different from numerical values 1...

The number data type in JavaScript

The number type may have a couple of different literal values. It may be expressed as an integer or a floating point. The most common format is a literal...

The string data type in JavaScript

The string type is considered to be any sequence of 16-bit Unicode...

The object data type in JavaScript

The object type is a complex but very important data type. Objects may be any specific or non-specific group of data and functionality. They are the core of JavaScript