Collapsing margins

The margins of two or more boxes can combine to end up forming a single (collapsed) margin. Thes...

Anonymous block and inline boxes

An element generated box, beside being initially formed as a block-level or

Floating elements behavior rules

These are the rules that guide behavior of floating elements: The left edge of a left floated box may not be to the left of the left edge of its

Calculating clearance for floating elements

To compute the clearance of an element with the property clear being set,...

Calculating widths and margins

The real (used) values of an element's width and

Calculating heights and margins

The real (used) values of an element's height and

Characters encoding in CSS

Characters in the style sheets must be properly encoded in order to be transmitted and stored. The encoding generally follows the rules set up within the ASCII group character sets (

Text direction

In the CSS, as well as in the HTML, the text direction may be switched from

Anonymous table objects

Some document languages (i.e. XML) while displayed as table layout model might not ha...

Basic (generic) font families

Generic font families are used as a backup for the main families, in case if the letter fails being rend...