What is browser object model (BOM)

The browser’s window is represented by a global object called

Windows and frames with browser object model (BOM)

Browser window can be split into many parts called frames. Each part behaves as a separate window and can load separate documents....

Windows position with browser object model (BOM)

When a new window is opened its position with respect to currently viewed window (viewport) can be set in JavaScript. The x and y coordinates of the new window are returned wi...

Windows size with browser object model (BOM)

The document area of a window is determined by innerWidth or clientWidth properties and innerHeight or clientHeight

Windows navigation and pop-ups with JavaScript BOM

Navigation from one web page to another can happen through pop-ups generated by JavaScript. Pop-ups are techniques that allow displaying zoom-in of an...

Javascript intervals and timeouts

JavaScript code executes synchronously, in single thread. When a delay or time interval ha to be introduced to code execution they use 

System dialogs with JavaScript BOM

A browser invokes system dialogs to display message or messages to users. These dialogs are synchronous and modal, i.e. JavaScript code stops executing till user dismisses the...

The location object

The location object is used in both browser object model (BOM) and

The navigator object

The window.navigator object is used to obtain visitor’s browser object information such as if cookie’s are enabled, browser name, browser engine, version &hel...

The history object

The history object contains list of webpages a user navigated from the current window. It is a part of