MySQL Storage engines and table types

Storage engines or table types in MySQL are used to define how a database table will store data and each storage engine has advantages and disadvantages. Please note than only two engine types that...

Data types in MySQL

There are four main groups of data types in MySQL. Each of those groups has more than one type or sub-type to choose from and they are all listed below: Here is the list of data types and s...

Keys and constraints in MySQL

In MySQL keys and constraints are used to assign a special index to a column, meaning that this column will be approached somehow different by the MySQL server; or in other terms it will be facilit...

MySQL statements

In MySQL statements are used to work with database tables, rows and columns, or in other words to manipulate and query data entries. Here is the list of MySQL statements:

MySQL clauses

In MySQL clause are used to facilitate work with statements and operates, and make them more versatile. Here is the list of MySQL clauses:

MySQL operators

In MySQL operators are used to further facilitate work with statements and clauses, and help they filter the retrieved values better. Here is the list of MySQL operators:

Functions in MySQL

MySQL code includes many predefined functions. The list below contains those used more often:

Character sets and collations in MySQL

As always characters set and, in this case, collation, include a large variety of possibilities. The lists below show most of the collation and character sets to choose from:

Wildcards and RegExp in MySQL

Wildcards are, as in other languages, heavily used in MySQL. Besides being used in regular expressions, they are frequently used in query statements as well, such as SELECT * or