CSS3 transformations and transform property (transform property)

CSS transformations give us the ability to perform basic manipulations on elements in a viewport.

Differences between 2D and 3D properties and methods

What separates 3D transforms from

Transform origin property (transform-origin)

The transform-origin CSS3 property lets you modify the position origin for

CSS3 2D transform methods (translate(), rotate(), scale(), skew() and matrix())

The CSS3 2D transformations have five methods to choose from. These methods are translate(), rotate(), scale()...

CSS3 3D transform methods (translate3D(), rotate3D(), scale3D() and matrix3D())

The CSS3 3D transformations are similar to 2D ones,...

Transform style property (transform-style)

The transform-style property is used to specify how nested the elements will be in a 3D space. Syntax: selector {      tran...

Perspective property (perspective)

The perspective property provides perspective to 3D transformed element and controls the amount of foreshadowing, or in other words it lets you define the perspective on how a 3D element i...

Perspective origin property (perspective-origin)

The perspective-origin property sets the origin for perspective proper...

Backface visibility property (backface-visibility)

The backface-visibility proprty is used in combination with the