The objects in JavaScript

The object types are very important part of JavaScript as they allow programmers fully engaging in OOP (object oriented programming). Properly applying OOP en...

Object Oriented Programming (OOM)

Programming done using data and methods as bundle of objects is called Object Orien...

Object creating patterns

 JavaScript can create objects in more than one way. Following are the list of patterns and examples:

The constructor in JavaScript

Constructors are functions, through which objects are created. The obje...

JavaScript prototypes

Prototypes are basically objects, which allow user to add properties and...

The IN operator with prototypes

The In operator in JavaScript checks for property in specified object. If property is not found in object, it checks for it’s prototype chain. If it is found, it ret...

Constructor and prototypes combination

Constructors create instances of objects.

Dynamic and parasitic prototype patterns

Dynamic Prototype Pattern The Dynamic Prototype Pattern of declaring the object has advantages of

Protoype chaining and inheritance

Prototype Chaining     The Prototype chaining is linking of object's