JavaScript forms and their methods and properties

Forms are the HTML elements created inside a <form> … </form> tag. They are used f...

Submitting forms with JavaScript and submit() method

An HTML form after filled with information is sent to a server awaiting an action to trigger (

Resetting forms with JavaScript and reset() method

Resetting forms to their default values can be done by reset() method of Javascript. The reset() method resets all fields of the form to their default value.s In the exampl...

Working with form fields in JavaScript

Form field properties The form field properties that can be used to access or modify form fields are:

Working with form text boxes in JavaScript

The text fields or text areas are form fields with <input type=”text”/ > for small fields or

Working with form select boxes in JavaScript

The select boxes are objects that may be added to a HTML web page containing <option> or <select>...