The break and continue statements are frequently used in combination with conditional statements for and if - else. Following rules apply to these statements:

  • The continue statement is used to skip the rest of the code execution in a loop.
  • The break statement is used to terminate the current loop structure just as used in the switch statement.
  • Both statements take arguments in a numeric form. A continue takes argument to find out how many steps are to skip, while on the other hand, a break takes argument to find how many loops and conditions to be skipped (typically in case of a nested loop).

Syntax for BREAK and CONTINUE statements

    // break
    for (initial_value; counter; initial_value_change)  {
        if (initial_value == x) {
    // continue
    for (initial_value; counter; initial_value_change)  {
        if (initial_value == y) {

Example with a BREAK and a CONTINUE statements


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