HTML5 problems with Internet Explorer and the Shiv solution

As the moment if writing this tutorial, the HTML5 language may still encounter problems with cross-browser support. In most cases newer versions o...

How to add YouTube video to a HTML5 document

Nowadays it is popular to add videos to websites, and being improved in sense of media friendly, the HMTL5 definitely supports and facilitates such implementations. Generally speaking addin...

Application caching in HTML5

In this chapter we will explain how application caching works with HTML5 written document. The ‘application caching’ term refers to a document’s material caching...

Introduction to server-sent events:

This chapter explains basics about the Server-Sent Event (SSE). To learn and practice this technique in greater details refer to the 

HTML5 canvas Animation

HTML5 canvas: An Introduction HTML5 canvas is one of the vital tools in a grahic developer working with HTML5

Introduction into drawing polygons with HTML5

Drawing polygons in HTML5 is as easy as doing other graphic related schemes. Same as

HTML5 local storage API

Local storage allows a user to store data in the device’s browser. It is a part of the HTML5 Web Storage API. Unlike cookies, information stored by the...