Aggregate functions in MySQL

The aggregate functions are built-in functions of MYSQL which are used to return a single value after calculation of values in a column. Main aggregate functions and their example...

String functions in MySQL

String manipulating group of functions are a very important and very often used part of MySQL pre-defined functions. The following sub-chapters show a most common string functi...

Flow functions in MySQL (if(), ifnull(), nullif())

The MYSQL generally includes 3 pre-made functions that are considered to flow functions. These pre-made fucntions are explained in sessions below.

Date and time functions in MySQL

The date and time functions are used to add date and time values in valid formats. The main functions and their descriptions are listed below:

Miscellaneous MySQL functions

Apart from the functions defined in previous chapters, MySQL has a range of other useful functio...

How to use regular arithmetic operators in MySQL queries?

As in any other programming, the usual group of arithmetic operations is available in MySQL as well. The following table shows all possible operations: