Html element (<html>)

This is the main structural element in a HTML document. Html element must be included in a document. All other elements, except

Head element (<head>)

The head element contains information about the document. Such information includes document's title, meta data with keywords, copyright information and many other valuable information...

Body element (<body>)

The body element contains document's content. Content can be any type of information served to user agents (browsers); i.e. content can be text, images and even audio based material.

Grouping elements (<div>, <span>)

These two elements, in combination with style sheets, are used to define the main layo...

Heading elements (<h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <h5>, <h6>)

Heading elements describe content's section and information it presents. They are considered to be the titles and sub-titles of the content itself. Hierarchy starts with <...

Address element (<address>)

Address element supplies information about an author or authors of a document or perhaps a contact information. A good practice is to add it at the beginning or the end of a HTML document.