What is Document Type Definition?

A Document Type Definition (DTD) describes the structure of the XML document. It defines the rules to which the elements of the document abide, such that it can be parsed...

What is valid XML Document?

An XML document is valid if along with being well-formed, it...

External and internal subsets

The DTD of a document can be internal to the document or external. It must always be placed between

Conditional statements Include and Ignore in XML

The statements used to exclude or include a section(s) in DTD are called conditional statements IGNORE and INCLUDE or in other words conditional statements INCLUDE

Declaring elements in XML DTD

The elements of the XML documents can be defined in DTD using ELEMENT keyword. The elementName given below should conform to the

Declaring attributes in XML DTD

For attribute declaration, the list of allowable attributes for each element is declared in DTD. Syntax for attributes declaration in XML <!ATTLIST  elementName ...

Declaring entities in XML DTD

An XML document can have 4 types of entities as given below: Built-In entity The 5 types of