In PHP, credit card extensions are used to allow users to make payments online secure and faster. There are many extensions for credit cards. All of them possesses almost same functionality of the security, transaction and payment confirmation. PHP program allows an API to integrate in the PHP script and uses it to transfer payments.

Some credit card functions are discussed below:


These functions interface the MCVE (Monetra) API (libmonetra, formerly known as libmcve), allowing you to work directly with MCVE/Monetra from your PHP scripts. MCVE/Monetra is Main Street Softworks' solution to direct credit/debit/gift card processing for Linux/Unix/MacOSX/Windows ( It lets you directly address the credit card clearing houses via your *nix box, modem and/or internet connection (bypassing the need for an additional service such as Authorize.Net or Pay Flow Pro). Using the MCVE/Monetra module for PHP, you can process credit cards directly through MCVE/Monetra via your PHP scripts. This extension has been moved to the PECL repository and is no longer bundled with PHP as of PHP 5.1.0. This extension is not available for windows platform.

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime:

  • M_PENDING (integer)
  • M_DONE (integer)
  • M_ERROR (integer)
  • M_FAIL (integer)
  • M_SUCCESS (integer)

Offline Credit Card Processing

The credit card information is split into 2 parts, one is sent to your email while the other is saved in the store. This plugin will allow user to save credit card information so that you can process it offline through a credit card processing machine. Main features include: 

  • Min Order Total
  • Encryption
  • No Open Cart System Files modified
  • Has Credit Card validation built in
  • Works Universally
  • Works with Aceshop
  • Supports SMTP

PayPal Pro iFrame

Integrate your existing PayPal Pro account with this extremely popular PayPal Pro OpenCart module through an iFrame to create the ultimate payment gateway for your OpenCart ecommerce store. You do not have to host any of the payment pages yourself and you will be PCI compliant (SAQ A). Customers can lose trust in your website if they are transferred to an external site at any point during the checkout process; especially during payment. By keeping customers on your website, you can reduce your shopping cart abandonment rates and give your ecommerce store a more professional image. To ensure that your site is user friendly on every device, the PayPal Pro iFrame is now optimized for mobiles. Main features include:

  • PCI compliant (SAQ A)
  • You don’t host any payment pages
  • Customers never leave your site
  • Easy to install (no core files modified)
  • UK, HK and other EU PayPal Pro accounts are supported
  • NEW - Now Mobile Optimized


This extension gives you the possibility to use the SPPLUS Payment System of the Caisse d'Epargne (a French Bank). This extension is not available on Windows platforms. This extension has no predefined constants. Some defined SPPLUS functions are:

  • calcul_hmac — Obtain a hmac key (needs 8 arguments)
  • calculhmac — Obtain a hmac key (needs 2 arguments)
  • nthmac — Obtain a nthmac key (needs 2 arguments)
  • signeurlpaiement — Obtain the payment url (needs 2 arguments)


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