The list of JavaScript reference types

Arrays Arrays are considered to be a type of data containing other (any) type of data within themselves.They can also be multidimensional.
Functions Functions are objects that are encapsulate (wrap) one or more statements.
RegExp Regural expression reference type is used as a short and flexible way of searching and matching content from any pattern (variable, string...) from any given expression.
Date Date type offers full support for date and time manipulation and usage in a client's browser environment.
Primitive Wrappers Primitive wrappers refer to basic (primitive) value objects. These objects may be: the Boolean typethe Number type and the String type.
Objects Object type is used to fully engage in object oriented programming (OOP) and they are crucial in creating large but fast executing scripts in JavaScript.
Built-In Objects Objects that are integrated inside the JavaScript Core and not mentioned above, such as the Date type. These objects are the Global object and the Math object.