Browser window can be split into many parts called frames. Each part behaves as a separate window and can load separate documents. Reloading and navigation of one frame does not affect other frames. Each frame has a separate window object and window object has a name property containing name of the frame. If there are multiple frames in a webpage the multiple window objects are indexed in frame collection by both number and name of the frame. The window.frames syntax lists the sub-frames of the current window (aka iframes) as array-like object.

Following list shows some of the possibilities when using the window object:

  • frameList = window.frames; - returns the frame list.
  • window.frames[0] - access frames by number.
  • window.frames[‘iframe_name’]  - access iframe by name.
  • window.frames[index].location- changes the webpage in the ‘index’ position to the location assigned.
  • window.length – gives the number of iframe elements in the current window.

Example of using window object in browser-object-model


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