a - f

align-content Specifies the alignment of lines inside a flexible box when items do not consume all available space
align-items Specifies the alignment of items inside a flexible box
align-self Specifies the alignment of selected items inside a flexible box
animation Shorthand property for other animation properties (except animation-play-state)
animation-delay Delays the start of animation
animation-direction Specifies if the animation should run in reverse on alternate cycles
animation-duration Sets the duration of an animated cycle in seconds or milliseconds
animation-fill-mode Defines the styling applied on animated element when the animation is not active
animation-iteration-count Defined the cycles repetition number of an animation
animation-name Specifies the name to be used on @keyframes animation property
animation-play-state Defines whether the animation is running or is paused
animation-timing-function Defines the speed curve of an animation
appearance Makes an element looking like a standard user interface element
backface-visibility Defines if an element will be visible when not facing the screen
background-clip Defines the painting area of the background
background-origin Defines the position (source) area of the background image
background-size Sets the size of the background images
border-bottom-left-radius Specifies the shape (radius) of the border of the bottom left corner
border-bottom-right-radius Specifies the shape (radius) of the border of the bottom right corner
border-image Shorthand property for other border-image properties
border-image-outset Sets how much the border image area extends from the border box
border-image-repeat Defines whether the border image should be repeated, rounded or stretched
border-image-slice Sets the inward slice offsets of the border-image
border-image-source Specifies the URL source of the border image
border-image-width Sets the width of the border image
border-radius Shorthand property for setting all four border radiuses (corners)
border-top-left-radius Specifies the shape (radius) of the border of the top left corner
border-top-right-radius Specifies the shape (radius) of the border of the top right corner
box-decoration-break Sets the element's background and border behavior at the page-break, or in-line break
box-shadow Sets the properties of a drop-shadow(s) of an element
box-sizing Explains to browser what sizing properties in sense of width and height ought to be used
break-after Defines the behavior of page-, column- or region-break after the generated box
break-before Defines the behavior of page-, column- or region-break before the generated box
break-inside Defines the behavior of page-, column- or region-break inside the generated box
column-count Sets the number of columns an element will be divided into
column-fill Sets the filling rules for an element
column-gap Sets the gap between columns
column-rule Shorthand property for all column-rule properties
column-rule-color Sets the color of the rule between columns
column-rule-style Defines the style of the rule between columns
column-rule-width Sets the width of the rule between columns
column-span Defines the number of columns an element ought to span across
column-width Sets the width of a column
columns Shorthand property for column-width and column-count
filter Defines certain effects on an element, such as color shifting or blurring
flex Defines the length of the item in relation to other items
flex-basis Defines the initial length of a flexible item
flex-direction Defines the direction of flexible items
flex-flow Shorthand property for flex-direction and flex-wrap properties
flex-grow Sets the growth of an item in relation to others
flex-shrink Sets the shrinkage of an item in relation to others
flex-wrap Defines if the flexible item should wrap (or not)
@font-face A rule specifying a download source of a font family
@font-feature-values Allows authors to use a common name in font-variant-alternate for feature activated differently in OpenType
font-feature-settings Allows control over advanced typographic features in OpenType fonts
font-kerning Controls the usage of the kerning information (how letters are spaced)
font-language-override Controls the usage of language-specific glyphs in a typeface
font-size-adjust Preserves the readability of text when font fallback occurs
font-stretch Defines the face of a font family as normal, condensed or expanded
font-synthesis Controls which missing typefaces (bold or italic) may be synthesized by the browser
font-variant-alternates Controls the usage of alternate glyphs associated to alternative names defined in @font-feature-values
font-variant-caps Defines the usage of alternate glyphs of capital letters
font-variant-east-asian Controls the usage of alternate glyphs for East Asian scripts (e.g. Japanese and Chinese)
font-variant-ligatures Controls which ligatures and contextual forms are used in textual content of the elements it applies to
font-variant-numeric Controls the usage of alternate glyphs for numbers, fractions, and ordinal markers
font-variant-position Controls the usage of alternate glyphs of smaller size positioned as superscript or subscript regarding the baseline of the font

g - n

hanging-punctuation Specifies if the punctuation character may be placed outside the line box
hyphens Defines how to split words to improve the layout of paragraphs
icon Styles and element by applying a selected icon to it (instead of regular styles)
image-orientation Defines an image orientation (in clockwise direction) that a browser applies to an image
image-rendering Defines what aspects of an image are most important for preservation during scaling
image-resolution Defines the intrinsic resolution of images used on an element
ime-mode Defines the state of the input method for text fields
@keyframes Defines the animation step
line-break Defines the rules for line breaks
mark Shorthand property that replaces mark-after and mark-before properties
mark-after Allows named markers to be added to the audio system (after it)
mark-before Allows named markers to be added to the audio system (before it)
marks Inserts crop or cross marks for the document
marquee-direction Defines the direction of the moving content
marquee-play-count Sets the number of times the content will move
marquee-speed Defines the speed of the content's scrolling
marquee-style Defines the styling of the moving content
mask Shorthand property for masking images with
mask-type Defines a mask type to be applied (luminance or alpha)
nav-down Explains where to navigate when using the arrow-down key on keyboard
nav-index Defines the tabbing order of an element
nav-left Explains where to navigate when using the arrow-left key on keyboard
nav-right Explains where to navigate when using the arrow-right key on keyboard
nav-up Explains where to navigate when using the arrow-up key on keyboard

o - z

object-fit Specifies how the content of a replaced element should fit to box created by that element
object-position Specifies the alignment of the replaced element inside its box
opacity Sets the opacity level for an element
order Defines the order of flexible items in relation to others
outline-offset Defines the offset of an outline drawing it beyond border's edge
overflow-wrap Defines whether the browser may break lines inside the words to prevent overflow
overflow-x Defines whether to clip the left or right edge of the content during overflowing
overflow-y Defines whether to clip the top or bottom edge of the content during overflowing
perspective Sets how many pixels a 3D element will be placed from the view
perspective-origin Specifies where a 3D element is based on x-axis and y-axis
phonemes Specifies a phonetic pronunciation for the text inside its belonging element
punctuation-trim Specifies if a punctuation character will be trimmed when it appears at the start or the end of a line, or next to another punctuation character
resize Explains if an element may be resizable by user
rest Shorthand property for rest-before and rest-after properties
rest-after Defines the rest (prosodic boundary) after speaking an element's content (after it)
rest-before Defines the rest (prosodic boundary) after speaking an element's content (before it)
tab-size Sets the length of a tab-character
text-align-last Defines the alignment of the last line of a block or the line before a forced line break, when the text-align is set to "justify"
text-combine-upright Specifies how to combine multiple characters into a space of a single one
text-decoration-color Sets the color for text-decoration
text-decoration-line Specifies the line type for a text-decoration
text-decoration-style Sets the style of a text-decoration line
text-emphasis Shorthand for setting text-emphasis-style and text-emphasis-color in one declaration
text-emphasis-color Defines the foreground color to be applied on the element's text
text-emphasis-style Defines emphasis marks to be applied on the element's text
text-justify Defines the rules of "justified" text (text-align set to "justify")
text-orientation Specifies orientation of a text line
text-outline Specifies a text outline characteristics
text-overflow Defines the behavior when a text line overflow the containing element
text-shadow Inserts shadow to a text and sets the properties of it
text-underline-position Defines the position of an underline of a text-decoration property
text-wrap Specifies the line breaking rules for text
transform Shorthand that applies a 2D or 3D transformation to an element
transform-origin Allows us to change the position on transformed elements
transform-style Defines the nested elements rendering in 3D space
transition Shorthand property that defines all other transition properties
transition-delay Specifies the starting time of the transition
transition-duration Sets the duration of the transition in seconds or milliseconds
transition-property Explains the name of a transition property that the transition is used on
transition-timing-function Defines the speed curve of the transition
voice-balance Sets the balance between left and right channels
voice-duration Sets the duration of rendering selected element's content
voice-pitch Sets the average pitch or frequency of the speaking voice
voice-pitch-range Sets the variation in average pitch
voice-rate Sets the speaking rate
voice-stress Sets the stress or strength of emphasis to be applied
voice-volume Sets the amplitude of the waveform generated by the speech synthesizes
word-break Defines the line breaking rules for non-CJK HTML scripts
word-wrap Defines the rules of word breaks for longer words that overflow its container
writing-mode Defines features to support various international script modes, such as left-to-right