While being in the ecommerce business allows you to reach a broader target audience, you have to grapple with unique challenges, the biggest of these being an ever increasing competition. To stay ahead of the competition you need a robust ecommerce storefront with a strong underlying foundation. This is where the services of a Magento development company come in handy. Magento is one of the best ecommerce platforms that gives your online business an edge over the competition. The Magento platform offers an array of capabilities and features that allow you to serve customers faster, productively and in a more efficient manner. Whatever your niche industry, Magento ecommerce development services, from a reputable company, will give you unmatched capabilities to boost your business.

Magento as the Ultimate Ecommerce Platform

The growth of ecommerce today is unstoppable, with 1 in 4 online shoppers using online marketplaces to research and purchase products and services online. 90% of independent retailers are now selling through their online platforms while research shows 51% of Americans prefer shopping online. With more consumers shopping online, the competition among businesses is set to get more vicious.

Using Magento as your ecommerce platform gives you a competitive edge in your niche and helps boost conversion and sales rates. While there are many other ecommerce platforms to choose from, the platform set up by your Magento Development Company will offer unmatched benefits that include:

  1. Flexibility: There are different editions of Magento that suit your business needs. You can opt for Magento Go for a small business or Magento Enterprise for a medium size or larger business.

  2. Advances SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) forms the core of any online marketing strategy. Magento is built with SEO performance in mind making it a powerful tool for your company’s marketing efforts. This platform facilitates better optimization for your e-commerce site by solving issues such as duplicate content, page traffic, landing pages and indexing.

  3. Power and space: You can feature over half a million products on your Magento site and handle over 80,000 orders a day.

  4. Versatile content management: Magento makes customization easy through an intuitive, visual-based page editor to help build and customize deals on the fly.

  5. Mobile-friendly platform: Shopping carts on the platform are developed responsively making it easier for your mobile customers to use. With more customers shopping using their mobile devices, you will reach a wider target audience with this mobile-friendly ecommerce platform.

Other advantages of Magento development include easy 3rd party integration, custom security, built-in upsells and cross-sells, a large community of Magento users, easy shopping experience through Magento shopping cart development, reporting, marketing tools, and easy order management among others.

What a Magento Development Service Can Do for you

If you are running an online business today, Magento development services can boost your business performance in many ways. Some of the professional services offered by these developers are:

  • Magento website development: These experts develop your website from scratch and build your website on a platform that suits your niche.

  • Magento custom module development: It is important to customize your online storefront in order to build customer loyalty and stand out from the crowd. This is easy when a platform provides the developer with the flexibility to build custom modules for your storefront.

  • Shopping cart development: A shopping cart plays an important role in the purchase journey. A Magento developer will integrate your shopping cart and ensure the checkout process is smooth.

  • Magento performance optimization: These services increase the performance of your ecommerce site, increasing conversion rates and reduce bounce rates through faster page load speeds. Through speed optimization, it becomes easier to retain shoppers, and allows them to complete the purchase journey.

  • Responsive Magento website: The Magento platform offers a responsive comfort to use experience for all type of device users. By working on the site's navigation, design, loading speed and clarity you will boost traffic and increase conversion rates.

  • Support and maintenance: The best Magento development service offers reliable support and maintenance. This reduces downtime and other technical hitches that would affect the user experience (UX).

Other services include Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics, Magento migration, Magento theme development, improved search and navigation, integration of Google Maps, inventory and order management, Google Usage Statistics APIs, Integrated and optimized checkouts among others.

In the highly competitive online market, you need to adopt innovative strategies to stay ahead of the pack. Using a qualified Magento Development Company helps create a highly optimized commercial platform in the web domain. This platform is a sure way to increase traffic to your website, lower bounce rates, increase conversion rates and will help you stand out from other businesses. Go ahead and find an established Magento development service provider to harness the power this renowned ecommerce platform provides.