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404  Error

The 404 error messages are an HTTP status code displayed when user clicks to broken link.  It is not similar to message “Server not found” which you see whenever a connection could not be established. It appears when link is wrong or removed from the site.

Active X

Active X is a software framework which is a collection of prewritten software. It is designed by Microsoft which is comprises of Component Object Model (COM) and Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) technologies. It allows users to add functions to their software and website and it can be implemented in different types of programs.


Adware is a software package which supported by advertisements. It allows software to used free of cost or on reduced price. It require active internet connection watch advertisement , play games. Sometimes advertisement allows you to just click on websites.


Ajax is a group of technologies using web develop techniques to create web application through which data can be send or retrieve. User can also upload the web page without reloading the page.


Apache is an http server project is designed for modern operating system such as Microsoft word, Unix. It serves web hosting companies to host one or more websites. It is free to use therefore it supports password authentication and digital support authentication.


Applet is a small program which runs in a web browser. It normally refer as a java applet which is a launched from HTML which is designed to execute from within another application. It runs small program windows, Mac and Linux. It captures basis desktop application like mouse input, check boxes, and buttons.


Acceptable use policy is a document where all the rules written by creator, website or service. There are set of guidelines for new organization such as  business, universities , school, internet service provider. Compliance with policy is measured by regular audits.

Auto responder

Auto responder is a script which automatically answers the email sent to it. It runs through mail server and can be set by an organization or an individual. Users receive automatic reply from these organization and individual.


Asynchronous Transfer Mode is switching technique which provide both voice and data communication. It encodes data in small cells and transfers data in small fixed size packets. It is often used by telecommunication networks. It transfers all forms of media from basic graphics to full-motion video.


Backlink is a link from some other website to different web resource such as website or webpage. Search engine normally search all the back links added to webpage which result in  faster search placement. It can be potentially used for direct traffic. Websites can be grown by generating direct traffic.

Bit Torrent

Bit torrent is communication protocol to transfer large files such as videos, shows, songs, shows. Bit torrent client allows users to search and download the files through bit torrent protocol.  Bit torrent client are μTorrentXunleiTransmission,qBittorrentVuzeDelugeBitComet and Tixati


BOT is refer as internet robot such as web crawler, chat room bot, malicious bot. It runs automated tasks over the internet. Search engine use bots to fetch automated script, analyze and save the information. However, some bots are used undesired function as malware.


Botnet is a network of computers which is used to steal data, send spam. It is also known as zombie army because most of the time their owners are not aware of it and have been set up to transmit the virus and spam to other computers on the network. These computers are referred as zombie. Learn about internet safety here.


A captcha is designed to ascertain that data is entered by a human rather than a computer. This user identification procedure commonly seen in end of online forms, which appears on the screen in form of obscured, twisted sequence of letters and digits.


Content delivery network is a channel to serve data to user with high performance.  A group of servers deployed in different locations across the world to make data highly available.


SSL certificate is a digital which verify authenticity of company.  It gives padlock or green browser bar after installing which makes sure that  user is visiting a safe site.


CIFS is a common internet file network. It creates a series of command to share the information between networked computers. CIFS gives remote access of windows and other application to users.


A cookie is a small amount of data stored through web browser in user’s computer when user browses. It majorly record user browsing history such as user id , password, credit card information. Cookies can come in different form. It can be session which last till the time session is open or can be persistent which may sustain for longer period of time. However, each cookie is designed with certain expiration date. Learn more about JavaScript cookies and PHP cookies.


Cost per lead is a pricing model which is used for online advertising. If defines how much advertiser pays to each customer who fills out a lead form and it also define how much revenue a publisher will receive after creating advertisement for advertiser. It is normally used by brand marketers to connect with consumers.


Cross Browser is a web browser that is designed by website from multiple browsers to remove unwanted advertisement, software. A web developer test web application across different tested browsers to check how the application functionality behaves and adapt their site. If formatting does not get recognized, developer may change the formatting or add the code to make it compatible.


Cyberbullying is an electronic form of contact to harass and threat to children and teenagers. Posting offensive message on user’s facebook account is a form of cyberbullying, circulating rumours about someone on social networking site, unsolicited emails to another user are forms of cyberbullying. It may be called  Cyberstalking or cyber-harassment when adults are indulged.


Cyberspace is a three dimensional model where data get stored.. It creates virtual environment globally for internet users. Users can play games, conduct business, share idea and involve in discussion with in cyber ethics.


Database is a basic transfer unit which combination of data and telegram. It is designed with header and payload section.  Normally data gets divided in small piece and transmitted through undefined route without guarantee of delivery. It is often used by internet protocol which defines how data is sent between systems over the internet.


Dynamic host configuration protocol is a client server protocol is a client/server protocol which enables network devices to automatically obtain IP address. It does not required user configuration therefore many network administrator prefer to use DHCP. DHCP service receive request when it gets connected to client and server replies with a IP address which confirms by the client for use. It also allows provider to reuse previously allocated address.

Digital Footprint

Digital footprint is a result of owner’s action and communication online. Users leave data traces knowingly or unknowingly on Facebook, Twitter and another social network site.


Domain name system is internet service which converts domain names into IP addresses. It also serves memorizable names for website which assign domain names and map it to their internet resource after identifying devices and computer services. The data is stored in servers across the world which help user to visit website by typing the domain name rather entire IP address.x`


E-Commerce is a platform to buy and sell products and services over the internet. These transactions are widely used as business to business, business to consumer, consumer to consumer. Popular online retailers are Amazon, E-bay.


Firewall is a set of program which monitors incoming and outgoing network trafficking. It acts like a filter which allows trusted data to flow, defined in firewall policy.


Malware is software which includes virus, trojans, key loggers, spyware which infects computer. This malicious program designed to obtain, delete sensitive data, hijacking core computing function. Hackers normally get the access through music file, toolbars and software. Learn about internet safety here.


Pharming is similar like phishing. It is a online form of online fraud which redirect website traffic  to another fake site through hacking .It has become threat to e commerce and online banking , when a user visit to certain website.  It get stored DNS cache and pharming take place through DNS cache. It poison DNS server which direct to wrong site determined by hacker. Learn about internet safety here.


Phishing is an attempt to obtain personal and financial information of an individual or organization by cybercriminals. Scammers sends email through a site which apparently looks like a legitimate site and ask users to update their information in provided forms. Learn about internet safety here.


A router is computer networking device which enables data to transfer from one network to another.  It is used to connect two different computers to net through broadband routers. However, any computer or device can be connected with in range.

Search Engine

Search engine is software that recognize relevant web site by entering key words. Search engines index millions of sites and also maintain real time data on WebCrawler so that user can easily get the relevant information.


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