Document Object Model as part of XML defines objects and properties of an XML document.

XML DOM interfaces

Interface Description
DOM exception Methods used to determined what type of error has occured.
DOM implementation A list of methods used to act directly on DOM document's interface.
generic node interface The main node interface that is applied to access nodes via their associated nodes (parent, sibling...).
specific node interfaces

A set of specific node interfaces and methods.

XML DOM specific node interfaces

Interface Description
Attr Refers to an attribute of a document.
CDATASection Refers to a CDATA section of a document.
Comment Refers to a comment of a document.
Document Refers to entire document.

Refers to a fragment of a document.

DocumentType Refers to type of a document.
Element Refers to an element of a document.
Entity Refers to parsed and non parsed data of a document.
EntityReference Refers to entitiy references of a document.
NamedNodeMap Refers to an unordered list of nodes of a document.
Node Refers to a single node of a document.
NodeList Refers to a list of node of a document.
Notation Refers to a non XML data of a document.
ProcessingInstruction Refers to a processing instruction of a document.

XML DOM methods

Method Interface group Description
createAttribute() generic Creates a new Attribute node.
createCDATASection() generic Creates a new CDATA section.
createComment() generic Creates a new comment node.
createDocument() implement Creates document object.
createDocumentType() implement Creates an empty document node.
createElement() generic Creates a new Element node.
createTextNode() generic Creates a Text node.
getFeature() implement Returns APIs and methods of specific features, version, etc... of an object.
getNamedItem() specific Returns the node with it's name.
hasFeature() implement Detects if an object has a feature implemented.
insertBefore() generic Inserts a new child node.
item() specific Returns node at specified index.
length specific Returns the number of nodes.
removeAttribute() generic Removes an attribute from a node or document.
removeChild() generic Removes a child node.
replaceChild() generic Replaces a child node.
removeNamedIndex() specific Removes the node with given name.
removeNamedItemNS() specific Removes the node with given name and namespace.
setAttribute() generic Setes an attribute node if it exists, or creates a new one if it doesn't.
setNamedItem() specific Sets the name of given node.
setNamedItemNS() specific Sets the name and the namespace of given node.