This chapter is an introduction into a PHP configuration and how to start with it.

These are basic pointers regarding the PHP configuration files:

  • PHP configuration files usually state the location of the installation and version. It is often located at “/usr/local/bin/php-config”.
  • When PHP starts up, “php.ini” file is read. It happens only once when the web server is started.
  • Configuration settings can be changed when using PHP with Apache module configuration files. For example: “httpd.conf” and “.htaccess”. You may also need to allow the privileges to do so.
  • Php_value name value sets the value of the specified directives.
  •  Php_admin_value name value sets the specified directives which used in “.htaccess” files.
  • Php_flag name on | off use to set the Boolean configuration directives.
  • etc...


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