In MySQL statements are used to work with database tables, rows and columns, or in other words to manipulate and query data entries.

Here is the list of MySQL statements:

MySQL statements

ADD Adds columns, data types, indexes etc...
ALTER EVENT Modifies existing event
ALTER TABLE Modifies existing table
ALTER VIEW Modifies a view
ANALYZE TABLE Analyzes and stored key distribution for a table
AT...INTERVAL...EVERY...STARTS...ENDS In combination with TIMESTAMPS it selects the interval of an event
BEGIN...END Defines beginning and end of a statement inside a delimiter
CALL Calls a procedure
CASE...WHEN...THEN...ELSE...END CASE Executes statement or statements when the main condition is met, otherwise follows the ELSE code
CHECK TABLE Check a table for errors
CLOSE Closes cursor in a stored procedure
CREATE DATABASE Creates a new database
CREATE EVENT...ON SCHEDULE Creates an event that may be a one-time or recurrent; ON SCHEDULE defines the schedule of occurrence
CREATE FUNCTION Creates a new function
CREATE PROCEDURE Creates a new procedure
CREATE TABLE Creates a new table
CREATE...TRIGGER...BEFORE|AFTER...ON Creates a trigger before or after the specified table
CREATE USER Creates a new account in database
CREATE VIEW Creates a new view
COMMIT Permanently executes a created transaction
DECLARE Declares variables, or a cursor in a stored procedure
DECLARE...CONTINUE Continues a procedure after an error was thrown
DECLARE...CURSOR FOR In combination with the DECLARE statemement, it declares the cursor in a stored procedure
DECLARE...EXIT Exits a procedure after an error was thrown
DECLARE...HANDLER...FOR Declares what to execute if a cursor is not found
DELETE Deletes rows (data) from specified column(s)
DELIMITER Replaces previous delimiter with a new one
DO Executes an event that has been scheduled
DROP Drops (removes ,deletes) a database from the server (or a table from database) with all its data (data is permanently deleted)
DROP COLUMN Deletes a specified column from the table
EXECUTE Executes custom prepared statements
FETCH...INTO Fetches the next row and moves cursor to next result set
GRANT Grants some or all privileges for an user account
GRANT USAGE ON...TO Grants privileges for a database'a user account
IF...THEN...ELSEIF...ELSE...END IF Executes a statement or statements when a condition is met, otherwise it executes code that follows ELSEIF or ELSE conditions
INSERT INTO Used to insert a new row into an existing table
LOAD DATE INFILE... Reads data from a text file and imports data to the database
MODIFY May be used to change specified characteristics of a column data type
OPEN Opens a cursor in a stored procedure
OPTIMIZE TABLE Reorganize and optimize a given table's data and associated index fields
PREPARE Used for preparing customized statements
RENAME TO Renames a column to the given name
REPAIR TABLE Tries to repair the specified table (success not guaranteed)
REPLACE INTO Replacing old rows with new ones or inserts new rows
REPLACE VIEW Replaces specified view with another one
RESIGNAL Re-signals the error within an error handling code and is used for troubleshooting
REVOKE | REVOKE ALL Revokes some or all privileges for a user
ROLLBACK Rollbacks (cancels) the transaction that was already initiated
SELECT Used to retrieve data from specified columns
SELECT...INTO OUTFILE... Outputs data from database to an external file
SET autocommit Enables or disables automaric COMMIT function
SET GLOBAL Sets global event ON or OFF
SET PASSWORD Sets the password for a database account
SHOW Let's us view currently existing databases on the server
SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE Displays a source code of a stored procedure
SHOW CREATE VIEW Displays definition of a created view
SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS Shows listed stored procedures and their statuses
SHOW PROCESSLIST Shows the status of the event process
SIGNAL SQLSTATE Returns the error message that appeared during code execution
START TRANSACTION Initiates a transaction
UPDATE Updates (modifies) column(s) values with given replacement values
USE Allows us to switch from database to database during runtime
TRUNCATE TABLE Deletes data from existing table