In this chapter we are listing only HTML5 element-specific targeted attributes.

Check references for other HTML5 attributes:

a - f

autofocus automatically focuses the browser on the element's field <keygen>
autoplay decides whether to automatically start playing or not <video><audio>
challenge specifies that the keygen ought to be challenged when submitted <keygen>
checked for types checkbox or radio, indicates if the command will be selected during page loading  <menuitem>
command indicates that the menuitem is a direct command <menuitem>
controls executes default video controls (if enabled) <video><audio>
datetime defines the date and time of time element <time>
default - semantic defines which menu command is default <menuitem>
default - media if enabled, tells the browser that the track must be enabled <track>
disabled - semantic indicates that the command or a menu should be disabled <menuitem>
disabled - form  disables the element <keygen>
for specifies which element is output linked to <output>
form - form specifies one or more forms that the element belongs to <keygen><output>
form - progress/meter specifies one or more forms that the element belongs to <meter>

g - n

height - graphic defines height of the canvas element in pixels <canvas>
height - media defines height of the video (embed) element in pixels <video><embed />
high defines a high value of the range not required <meter>
icon specifies a URL of an icon that will replace the command or menu <menuitem>
keytype specifies the security algorithm to use <keygen>
kind specifies the kind of data that track element provides <track>
label -semantic names the visible menu label or item's name for menuitem <menu><menuitem> 
label - media defines the title of a track <track>
loop makes the audio or video play in an infinite loop <video><audio>
low defines a low value of the range not required <meter>
max in case of progress it specifies how much is needed before completion, and in case of meter it defines the max value of the gauge <progress><meter>
media provides wanted media type for a browser <source>
min defines the min value of the gauge <meter>
muted mutes automatic play <video><audio>
name specifies the name of the element <keygen>, <output>

o - z

open defines that the element should be opened by default <details><dialog>
optimum defines a value as an optimal for the range <meter>
poster replaces a video (if no video is available) with a provided image (URL path) <video>
preload suggest how to preload the file (depends on browser) <video><audio>
radiogroup for radio only, it specifies the name if the radio group <menuitem>
src specifies the path of the external URL needed for element to execute <video><audio><source><track><embed />
srclang indicates the language used for track <track>
type - semantic defines the menu type to be used or, in case of menuitem, if the item is a command or a menu <menu><menuitem>
type - media provides the MIME-type of the media source <video><audio><source><embed />
value indicates the value on the progress or meter scale <progress><meter>
width - graphic defines width of the canvas element in pixels <canvas>
width - media defines width of the video (embed) element in pixels <video><embed />