This page is describing the HTML5 global attributes.

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Attribute characteristics and purpose:


contenteditable attribute:

  • decides if the content of an element will be editable or not

contextmenu attribute:

  • describes a context menu for an element, appearing after clicking with a right-clicks

data-* attribute:

  • stores private custom data to the page or application

draggable attribute:

  • decides whether an element will be draggable or not

dropzone attribute:

  • in combination (or without) the attribute draggable defines if the dragged data will be moved, copied, or linked when dropped

hidden attribute:

  • declares an element irrelevant

spellcheck attribute:

  • instructs an user agent (a browser) to have an element's spelling and grammar checked or not

translate attribute:

  • instructs an user agent (a browser) to have an element translated or not
NOTE: The linked attirbutes below were introduced in previous version(s) of HTML.

HTML4.01 and older

accesskey attribute

  • defines an access key (a single character) that after being pressed gives a focus to an element

class attribute:

  • assigns a class name to an element; any number of elements may share the same class name or names

dir attribute:

  • specifies the direction of the text

id attribute:

  • dedicates a name to an element and must be unique in a document

lang attribute:

  • helps browsers and search engines in various ways (better detection of cultural practices), helps speech synthesizers, helps spelling and grammar checkers, etc...

style attribute:

  • specifies inline styles information for an element

tabindex attribute:

  • defines order in which elements get focused on during tabbing navigation

title attribute:

  • description or summary of an element


Example with contextmenu attribute

Example with contenteditable attribute:

Example of data-* attribute:

Example with hidden attribute:

Spellcheck attribute example:


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