Tables in HTML were predicted for presenting tabular data.

Because they are suitable for laying out a web page many programmers are still using them for that purpose.

Due some downturns it is better to avoid using tables for layouts and instead using block level elements (i.e. <div>) with style sheets.

Some of the reasons for avoiding using tables as layouts are mentioned here:

  • Separation of content from layout is a right way to go;
  • Easier maintaining and updating of an existing site with external style sheets;
  • Readability of HTML code is improved without tables;
  • Tables might be rendered slower by browsers;
  • SEO (search engine optimization) might suffer;
  • Because they should be used for tabular data the future rendering by browsers and indexing by search engines cannot be predicted;

Basic HTML table is built with rows <tr> and cells <td>. Each new cell in a row actually adds a column to the table.





HTML table, row and cell elements:


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