The text-justify property is used to specify spacing between words, or the justification method, when the text-align property is set to ‘justify’.


selector {

     text-justify: auto | inter-word | inter-ideograph | inter-cluster | distribute | kashida | trim | none | initial | inherit;



The text-justify values explained:

  • auto; Browser defines how to justify text.
  • inter-word; Increases or decreases the space between words.
  • inter-ideograph; Justifies content with ideographic text (used for blocks of ideographic content).
  • inter-cluster; Used mostly for Asian languages because it justifies only content that doesn’t contain any inter-word spacing.
  • distribute; Increases or decreases spaces between words (optimized for east Asian languages).
  • kashida; Elongates characters to justify.
  • trim; Trims the text.
  • newspaper; Increases or decreases spaces between letter and words.
  • none; Ignores the property.
  • initial (default value), inherit
NOTE: This property at the moment of writing tutorial is not well supported by browsers.


Example of text-justify property:


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