The text-align-last property is responsible to control the horizontal alignment for the last line of a text. This property only works on those elements whose text-align property is set to justify.


selector {

     text-align-last: auto|left|right|center|justify|start|end|initial|inherit;



Following values are accepted by the text-align-last property:

  • auto; This is default value, which makes the last line aligned to the left and justified.
  • left; The text line is aligned to the left.
  • right; Aligns the text to the right.
  • center; Centers the text in respect to the line.
  • justify; Aligns the text on both sides.
  • start; The text is aligned to the beginning of the line (if the text direction is specified as rtl, then it aligns is to the right edge).
  • end; The text is aligned to the end if the line (if the direction is specified to be rtl, then it aligns to the left edge).
  • initial, inherit


The text-align-last example with justified text:


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