Although we are going to discuss the CSS3 and its properties in details further in tutorial, it is worth mentioning the main and most significant differences between those two languages, and what improvements have CSS3 introduced in comparison to CSS2.

Differences between CSS3 and CSS2:

  • CSS3 is divided into many different documents called Modules. Every module adds new capability or extends features defined in CSS2 over preserving backward compatibility. Work on CSS3 started around the time of publication of the original CSS2 recommendation.
  • The CSS3 version supports many more browsers than CSS2.
  • CSS3 introduces many new selectors. Those new selectors are mostly in a form of pseudo-elements and pseudo classes.
  • New addition of General Sibling Combinator that may be used to match sibling elements of a given element through tilde (~) combinator.
  • CSS3 introduces many properties accompanied with new values and units. It facilitates styling of backgrounds, borders, boxes, etc..., which allows us to keep most of the styling within the WWW and HTML standards and our document, without a need for all those proprietary third party software packages.
  • New values and new units are introduced to support all those new properties. For instance Angle units deg, grad, rad and turn or Time units s and ms.



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