The property cursor sets the type of cursor to be displayed for the pointing device.

The cursor property contains following information:

  1. value: [[<uri>,]* [auto, crosshair, default, pointer, move, e-resize, ne-resize, nw-resize, n-resize, se-resize, sw-resize, s-resize, w-resize, text, wait, help, progress]] or inherit;
  2. initial: auto;
  3. applies to: all elements;
  4. inherited: yes;
  5. percentages: N/A;
  6. media: visual, interactive;
  7. computed value: as specified.

The value auto sets the cursor to the browser default symbol. Other values are used as their meaning suggests, i.e. pointer indicates a link, resize group indicates that an element may be resized in given direction, wait indicates that the program is busy; etc... The uri value may be set to one or more URI resources, with the browser choosing the first one possible to render.


CSS cursors example:


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