Paged media, unlike continuous media, refers to the media that renders or may render content into more then one page.

Mostly this term applies to the printing media type, screen media that may be split into multiple paged and some other types.

A browser is responsible for rendering these pages onto the real or paged media (paper, transparency...). Transferring or rendering possibilities are:

  • moving one page box to one sheet (i.e. single-sided printing);
  • moving two page boxes to both sides of the same sheet (i.e. double-sided printing);
  • moving N (small) page boxes to one sheet ("n-up");
  • moving one large page box to N x M sheets ("tiling");
  • making signatures (signature is a group of pages printed on a sheet, which appear in a proper sequence);
  • printing one document to several output trays;
  • outputting to a file.

To help handle the page margins, CSS 2.1 predicts instructions in terms of @page rule and page breaks.


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