The volume property defines the median volume of waveform. In other words this property dynamically adjusts the range of the volume control.

The volume property contains following information:

  1. value: <number>, <percentage>, silent, x-soft, soft, medium, loud, x-loud or inherit;
  2. initial: medium;
  3. applies to: all elements;
  4. inherited: yes;
  5. percentages: depends on inherited value;
  6. media: aural;
  7. computed value: number.

The number value may be set from "0" to "100", with level of "0" being the minimum and level of "100" being the maximum comfortable level. The percentage value refers to the inherited number which ends up being scaled to the "0 - 100" range. Other keyword values, x-soft, soft, medium, loud and x-loud are pres-set to "0, 25, 50, 75" and "100" comfortable levels in respective order. The value silent sets the volume control to not to produce any sound at all. Please note that the value of "0" is not the same as the value of silent.

The volume property might have different effect as initially imagined by the author of the code because the browsers should let users adjust the volume as they need to due to the fact that many have different ideas of what a "comfortable level" is and they might be approaching the document in different environments that need different settings (i.e. a noisy place versus a nice and quite one).


CSS volume property example:


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