Accessibility to the Internet

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Know about Accessibility

Accessibilities refer to the ability to use a particular product. Web accessibility is a process where people with disabilities, be it mental or physical, can access the internet with a great ease. Different technologies are used to maintain the proper web accessibilities, including both software and hardware.

The Internet offers a chance for great dimensions – to spectacle the worldwide society of its consumers as one while examining its rich multiplicity. Internet technologies have the capacity to give the users with disabilities. This was not possible earlier, as the technologies were not that advanced a few years back.


Ways to control web accessibility

Internet accessibility refers to the system where the barriers to access the internet, due to any kind of disability are removed. If a website is designed correctly, with all its proper tools and settings it will be quite easy to access for the people with disabilities. Let's say if a website is coded in HTML with proper English meaning, a blind can also use it with the help of any text to speech converter software. If a user has poor eyesight, the websites with easy access to zoom in and zoom out will be much more convenient. It is solely based on the development; the accessibility to the internet can be broadening up. If larger spaces are allocated to the clickable areas, the people who cannot use the mouse with precision can also use the internet with ease. Now, coming to videos, if the videos on the internet come with both sound and sign language, people with hearing disabilities can anytime access the internet.

The internet accessibility can be developed with some other ways also. For example, anyone is having a problem with seizures, and they can also easily access the internet if the flashes in the websites can be avoided. If the contents of websites are written in an easy and a plain content with some animations, people with dyslexia can easily understand the contents.

The problems in which web accessibility should focus

The problems in which web accessibility should focus

Visual Disability:

People with problems in eyesight and various kinds of blindness, while developing a website, these points should be kept in mind.


People with disabilities in hands, such as tremors, muscle problems can also use the internet, if the web tools are properly utilized.


Web tools should be properly utilized, as people with audibility problems can also access if it is properly if the tools are used quite intelligently.

Seizures and Intellectualism:

Some people have photo-epileptic seizures, which can be handled with proper measures. Apart from seizures, some people have dyscalculia or dyslexia, maturity problems etcetera. This person can access the internet if the proper steps are taken while developing a website.

Software and Hardware used

There are plenty of software and hardware which can be used for a better web accessibility. These include screen reader software, which can read out the contents on the screen for those who are having problems with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Apart from the screen reader, Braille systems are also used for those who are visually affected. Screen magnification and speech recognition are also used for people with visual problems. Nowadays, keyboard overlays are also used for people who want to make their typing easy.

Nowadays, with improving development in technologies, web accessibility is a must for each and every project. This makes it easier for the disabled to use the internet freely.


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