Those of you who frequently browse the internet must have come across the words "404 Page Not Found". Usually these posts appear when you cannot access a site. However, have you ever wondered what the words meant? Why does it have to be "404"? Check out the following reviews.

In fact, the number "404" is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) code. HTTP is a system used to regulate the way data is transmitted between two devices, such as an internet server and your computer.

Before the data is sent, the server will send a number of HTTP Headers, which are a small status regarding the web address you requested. If the web page is not available, a status code "404" will appear.

Furthermore, the number "404" has a purpose. The first 4 is a code to inform the client of an error. Thus the first "4" is a response to an error on a web page request, such as an incorrect address spelling.

Then, the number "0" refers to the wrong syntax. Almost the same as the meaning of the first "4", which indicates a spelling error in the web address.

Then, the last "4" indicates an error in the internet address. If the code "403" means the page is banned, then "404" means that the page cannot be found.

In conclusion, "404" is a code in the HTTP code. If you come across these posts, maybe you can try several solutions. For example, reloading the web page, searching using a search engine, and retyping the web address is more thorough — because you could be mistyped. If possible, you can also contact the contact from the related website.

The other HTTP codes are as follows:

-200 OK-201 The request was made successfully-202 The request was accepted successfully

-301 Moved permanently-302 Found-303 See more

-402 Payment required-403 Forbidden-404 Not found