No matter what’s the niche of your business, chances are you keep the importance of the audience because they are the living breath of your company.  You need to keep them informed and entertained so that they will remember your brands in their mind.

When it comes to this, explainer videos are the great tools to keep your audience engaged.

Not like regular videos, they are shorter, denser, and more leading.

You can use them to promote your brand, products, services, updates, and other information that you want to share with your audience.

video sales funnel  

You can also repurpose your videos without any limitation and post one to the free video hosting site like YouTube and spread it on the social media channels of your company.

The list goes on.

Explainer videos are indeed the great way to quickly show your audiences a big idea about your messages.

But what qualities that make a great explainer video?

Keep in mind that the word “great” here is better than “good”.

Many media agencies can make good explainer videos, but only a few can make great lineup videos.

But no worries.

We’ll give you the perfect sauces that needed for great explainer videos.

So, what are the characteristics of great explainer videos?

Let’s dig in.


 What makes an explainer video great is its simplicity.

 It should be simple and understandable for all folks and viewers.

 Your videos should deliver the short and dense message which answers the   questions from your viewers.

 When it comes to simplicity, you will be eligible to present the clarity to your video   viewers. 

 The best structure of the great explainer video with simplicity should be underlying   the problem at first. Then, you will introduce and explain your solution.

 Then it will be wrapped with the Call-to-action.

Focused on the Message

Your explainer video needs to get to the point.

When your audience clicks your video, they are expecting to find something that they’ve been looking for.

They’re also interested in what you’d like to deliver to them.  explainer video production

You only have 1 or 2 minutes top to convince your audience. So, make sure they’ll get the important points in such a short time.

Great explainer videos keep the audience engaged. 

Most of the time, it is righteous to add fun and amusing factors to your explainer videos to cloud the dry or complex topic.

As we mention, the explainer videos can work for many niches, including the boring one. But it does not have to be too boring.

That’s the reason why most working explainer videos are fun and entertaining. 

What’s trending today is the uses of cartoon characters and fun elements to the video. The cartoon characters can be the best representatives of your company to deliver the subject and erase the dryness of it. The result is a more effective way to engage with your potential customers although your business niche has such an uninteresting topic.

The element of fun will spell your viewers to be more engaged and receptive to your topic.

Storytelling - Great Script and Concept

You should also keep in mind about what makes a “great” video is the storytelling.

Stories can help to activate the imagination of your audience.

As we know, imagination is fantastic. It is the top entertaining aspect of human mind. That’s why storytelling is easier to remember, allowing your audience to recall your brand once they watched the video.

The great explainer videos are entertaining and engaging.

With such quality storytelling, it is guaranteed that the videos will gain your viewers’ attention effectively.

Although it seems to be complicated to summarize the stories in such short video, you don’t have to do it alone. All you need is to hire the experts to help you from the beginning, middle, and end with sort of action that ties the things together.

The stories can be the great openers to gain your viewers’ attention so that you will have the opportunities to introduce your solution without any hassle. Not to mention that your audience will also enjoy such entertaining explainer video and wants to know more about your products or services.

The great storytelling will make a memory for your audience. They will recall your brands whenever they need the products or services.

Duration: 60-90 sec

Since human has the very short attention span, the best way to help people remember your video is by keeping it short. Ideally, the duration of a great explainer video would be around 60-90 seconds. That means there will be 150 words per minute in the script. Make sure your videos short, dense, and decent.

Quality of video production

To ensure the great quality of the video production, you will need to work with someone or a party that can deliver the great quality of illustrations and quality of animation.

In this case, you can’t go wrong by hiring the professionals who have wide experience in video production aspects including the narrative, illustration, animation, as well as marketing.

Not to mention that you could also focus on providers who are very aware of the latest trends in the video marketing. Having the team who can handle the job for you will give you peace of mind since you could allocate your resources for developing your company.

Although you can imagine what the great videos will look like, only the professionals that can make it happen for you. The professional animated video team will ensure the quality of the videos so that these are acceptable to your audience. Consider the whiteboard video, 2D, 3D video, motion graphics, amongst the choices they offer. You could check the samples provided by the agency and choose one which is suitable for your company or brand.


There you have it: the characteristics of great explainer videos. Keep in mind that the points mentioned above are what make the great explainer videos different than “so-so” videos. People rarely uphold those points. If someone you know plans to make an explainer video, make sure you share this article with him or her.