In this competitive era, it is very important for you to submit your website to the popular search engines in order to make the process of searching easier for the masses. There are many advantages that are related about the submission of website to the mainstream search engines. The major advantages include the increase in traffic- generally the increase in the traffic actually refers to the amount of people that are visiting your website. It actually adds lifeline to the website and the success of your website depends over it.

Moreover, it helps in gaining the attention of the users and it also uses as the tool that actually can promote your website. If your website is attracting heavy traffic towards it means that your website has become viral and it can assists you in generating decent amount of money in the short span of time.

So, do not ever forget to submit your website on the mainstream websites. And in order to help you people in submitting your website here are some useful tips for all of you!

How to submit your website on Google

Step# 01

Go to the Google Search Console website and make sure that you have login access to the Google account. If you don’t have it then Google offer a free trial account for sign up.

Step # 02

Add your website by clicking on the button which is labelled with Add a Site and afterwards put the name of your desired website.

Adding website to Google search engine






Step# 03

Verify your website with the available possible option, I would recommend to add Meta tag to your website.

Verifying website for Google search










Step #04

Just copy the Meta Tag and put it into the header, then go over the SEO section and click on the dashboard. Paste the Google Meta tag under the section of Google Search Console and click on the option of “Save changes”.

Webmatsre tools - Google, Bing, Yahoo












Step # 05

After adding the Meta tag, go to the Google Webmaster Tools and click the verify button.

Verify site submission




Step# 06

Now head over the “Crawl” section and then click on the “Sitemaps”.

Sitemaps and crawl status on Google webmaster tool






Step #07

Now add the sitemap file and click on “Add/test sitemap” button on the top right of the page and after the input of your sitemap click on its submission button.

Adding sitemaps to Webmaster tools






In order to find your sitemap address clicks on the “Sitemaps” under the SEO plugin and right clicks on the “XML sitemap” button and copy the address.

Find you sitemap on Webmaster tools













Submission of website on Bing

Bing logo - website submission








Following list breifly explains how to submit a website to Bing search eangine.

  1. Log in to Windows Live Account.
  2. Direct to the Bing Master Centre.
  3. Add the URL of your website on the Bing Search engine and click the button of Add Site.
  4. Towards the end of the process the staff of Bing will check and validate your site.

Submission of website on Yahoo

Yahoo! logo - website submission





Yahoo! does not accept webiset submission anymore! For the sake understanding the procedure as it used to be, the following list shows how that onced operated:

  1. Log in your yahoo account.
  2. Go to site explorer.
  3. Add my site and copy-paste the site’s URL for adding your website.
  4. On the top right of the page click website URL and then go to feed links.
  5. Paste the URL of the site map and drop “Website Feed”.
  6. The team of Yahoo in the end check and validate the site map of your website.


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