The success of any new website depends greatly on the number of visitors it attracts. To attract visitors, your website must be easily found in the search engine results. This is where the use of SEO techniques becomes crucial to new websites. SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps optimize a website so that the search engines can easily identify and index them. But SEO is dynamic and keeps changing constantly. To succeed, you must always be well informed of the latest trends and practices. Here are a few of the most simple and highly relevant SEO techniques that you can use for your new website.

  1. Sitemap;
    A sitemap is a simple and logical collection of all your pages that can be indexed by the search engines. It is a very important and a crucial part of SEO, especially for new websites. There are plenty of tools available online that can help you create a Sitemap instantly. You can use any such tools to create one for your website.

  2. Title tag;
    The title tags are the next most important aspects of SEO. Your title should be very logical and must be easily understood by the readers. Always make sure that your title gives the complete idea about the content that follows. This is important to attract visitors and also remain SEO-friendly.

  3. Meta tags;
    Meta tags are used to provide more information about the webpage, to the search engines. The most popularly used meta tag is ‘Meta description’. This provides a brief summary about the page. Here is how a meta description looks.

    <meta name=“description” content=“this is a sample meta description”/>

    Currently, meta tags may not hold much of the ranking power they used to hold, but they can still be very useful to attract visitors as the meta description text is displayed on search results.
  4. Image alt text;
    Making your images search engine friendly is also an essential part of SEO. Always try to include keywords in the image title, and add captions to optimize images for search engines. The alt text also plays an important role as it helps the search engine bots to better understand your image. Here is how an alt text may look like.

    <img scr=“my-image.jpg” alt=“My Image” />

  5. Webmaster tools;
    Webmaster tools are very important in SEO. These tools are instrumental in helping you weed out the faults in your website, and also help you to fix any issues. They also provide crucial information on trending keywords for your site and you can use this information to boost your rankings. Google Webmaster tools are some of the most widely used tools, but webmaster tools are available for other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing as well.

  6. Social bookmarking;Community driven SEO
    Social networking is one of the most prominent activities that take place online. People are sharing the content they like, all over their social networks and leveraging this is very important, especially if you are a new business. Adding social bookmarking buttons near your content is very important to make your content easily shareable.

  7. Blog commenting;
    Blog commenting can be an excellent way to communicate to other bloggers about your website and earn some backlinks at the same time. However, you must try not to sound like a spammer with your comments, as this can lead to your comments being deleted by the webmaster.

  8. Press release;
    Press releases are also excellent mediums to promote your blog while also creating backlinks. A well-written press release can do wonders and provide quality backlinks, while also getting the attention of the press, magazines, and other authoritative blogs in your niche. You can even hire someone to write press releases for you, if you feel that it is a very difficult task.

  9. Web directories;
    Web directories are also an excellent source of getting quality backlinks. So make sure to provide high quality content to various web directories. It is also good to consider even paid directories as they provide high quality backlinks. But you must make sure that your content is submitted as per the terms and conditions of the directories, otherwise your content might be rejected.

  10. Link building;
    While many of the above-mentioned practices can be classified as ‘link building’, they have more to do with direct link exchange. Webmasters often like to link to other websites for quality information. Try to contact as many webmasters as possible, and submit links.

  11. Guest blogging;
    Guest blogging is also an excellent way to build quality links. It is a process where you can offer to write on another webmasters blogs and in return, they usually provide a link, back to your blog through your bio, along with any links you may have placed in the body of the post.

  12. Content;
    Creating unique and relevant content is one of the best ways to get higher rankings on search engine results. So focus on generating user-friendly content and make it a point to regularly post content that is useful and highly relevant to your users.