Web development is a space that offers a wide range of frameworks, features, and languages for developers to use across their projects. And in a world where everyone wants to make a standout impression through their online platforms, knowing the best options to choose in web development makes all the difference.

In terms of web frameworks, it can be easy enough to get lost in the variety that are available for use. But there are a number of frameworks that stand out from the crowd, including the powerful structural framework AngularJS. It is used by AngularJS web development companies when they want to create dynamic web applications for their clients, and it allows them to make the most of HTML, the standard markup language for web pages across the Internet.

Below, we take a closer look at why AngularJS is used in web development and why you should choose it for your own purposes.

Why AngularJS is Used in Web Development

AngularJS is used in web development for a number of reasons, including the fact that it is an open source JavaScript framework with free features. Originally developed and maintained by Google, AngularJS allows web developers to use HTML as the template language and lets them “extend HTML’s syntax to express [their] application’s components clearly and succinctly.”

AngularJS provides web developers the ability to create easy-to-maintain, high performing web applications for clients that are packed with functions and features – with a rich community behind it since its release in 2010.

The web development process is simplified for an AngularJS web development company thanks to code reusability, seamless integration, and compatibility for both mobile and desktop browsers.

Additional advantages that come with AngularJS include:

  • Giving web developers the ability to create Single Page Applications.
  • A range of reusable components and code.
  • The testing capabilities are robust, allowing for both end to end and unit testing.
  • High performance makes for stable and functioning web applications.

What are the Advantages to Using AngularJS?

With a better understanding of why AngularJS is used in web development, we can now dig a little more into what some of its key advantages are and why they make AngularJS such a popular framework.

Robust Testing Capabilities

Testing is a truly critical part of the web development process. AngularJS comes with built-in testing capabilities that allow web developers to test from end to end and by unit.

And along with those two key testing options, developers are also able to test very quickly. Quick testing saves teams large amounts of money and time by cutting out the need for third-party testing that often requires outsourcing.

In addition, a standout testing feature of AngularJS that helps to further cut down on time needed is dependency injection. This feature helps with dependencies, keeping code flexible and testable for developers.

Ease of Use

A prime advantage of AngularJS is that it is easy to use. Developers gain access to a lot of different features and attributes that help simplify the web development process, saving them time and effort in many areas.

Developers are able to write less code, thanks to the heavy reusability of code that comes with AngularJS. Reusable code allows developers to easily duplicate or reuse similar functions as they work.Code reusability helps the web development process by giving developers additional time that they can devote to implementation and testing of their project.

Single Page Application Support

AngularJS is widely known for it’s support of Single Page Applications (SPA). SPA support makes it all the easier for developers to create and control online forms and for quick website transitions. A SPA will look, work, and feel like a native application within a web browser, all while affording developers easy maintenance options.

An SPA is all about a faster website transition, as mentioned above.

A website created through AngularJS with SPA features will communicate with the web browser to replace the existing web page, bypassing the browser’s default method of loading new pages. This makes for a quick and seamless user experience and cross-platform compatibility for the final project.

Two-Way Data Binding

Two-way data binding is another element to AngularJS that makes it a prime choice for web development – a feature unique to the framework.

Two-way data binding is essentially where, should a developer make changes to any application objects, those changes will impact the user interface. Those changes appear both in the user interface and in the app interface.

This allows developers to easily watch and track changes that are happening on the app interface as they change code. The immediate synchronization from two-way data binding is yet another way that AngularJS cuts down on development time and makes application changes easier to handle.

AngularJS comes packed with a number of advantages that make it a prime choice for web development, especially for developers who want to create user-friendly, powerful websites.

And with a very large, supportive network behind the open source framework, AngularJS resources are abundant – with free courses, tutorials, and a detailed developer guide available.