Basics of .htaccess file
What is .htaccess A .htaccess file is configuration file supported by several web servers. It is a file used for server...
History and presence of MySQL
MySQL introduction MySQL is a quick, simple to-use relational database management system (RDBMS) being utilized for some little and huge...
Simple JavaScript driven drag-and-drop API for HTML5
Drag & drop is an amazing and handy feature that can be used to make the website more interactive and effective for users. Wit...
What is HTML5 Geo-Location Application?
Geo location is a HTML5 API which helps in identifying the geographical location of a Website/Application user. The geogra...
How to create local storage effect with HTML5
How to create local storage effect with HTML5 Another useful API with
Absolute positioning
The absolutely positioned elements offset a box in respect to its
Background image
The background of an element, beside a color,...

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